When complaints are rejected by the BBB 

The Better Business Bureau herein after called the (BBB) is an organization that was once known as a trusted entity. Consumers would contact the BBB to file a complaint about a business who’s practices seemed illegitimate.

However, things are quite different with the BBB. The BBB has been investigated for questionable practices.

Denial Email from BBB

I recently filed a BBB claim on a business and my claim was denied, so I conducted research and found that the BBB had many complaints from consumers just like me, whose claims were also denied.

It is now known through my research that the BBB is not legitimate anymore.

The Bbb is known to cold calling customers to solicit them to pay for listing their business with their service.

A large majority of businesses pay to have A+ or A listings and to carry the infamous BBB logo on their business or website.

This is a sad day that such a well-known and respected company (BBB) has succumb to the money game.

When consumers threaten a business with filing a BBB complaint, businesses laugh and are not concerned about it, because they know the consumer’s claim isn’t going to go any further because the majority of the BBB business listings have paid to have an A+ rating and all complaints will be nullified.

Here is a list of three different articles of Investigation on the BBB’s illegitimate practices:

  1. CNN investigative “Slammed by the Government”
  2. How the BBB rakes in millions
  3. CNN complete investigation

So, now you see, you can’t just rely on the BBB anymore, but you can rely on us Badbizonblast. We will put businesses that mistreat any consumer on blast.

Consumers can cone to our site and search for complaints before spending their hard earned money on businesses who doesn’t care about their consumers.

We are about giving you a louder voice. L We aim to get your complaint resolved.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease

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One thought on “When complaints are rejected by the BBB ”

  1. I am another unsatisfied customer with Simplebills recommend by The Reserve Apartments in Tyler,Tx for students attending college to use as their electric company. My son and 3 other roommates moved out of their apartment May11,2017. I sent an email informing Simplebills that my son and roommates all have moved and and services are no longer needed. Not only have I spoken with them the roommates have also confirmed this as Simplebills has requested we all do to stop us all from being charged. We are still being charged and it is now August. So we the parents have called I also emailed informing that I am still being charged for services I and other parents have called to have disconnected on and they continue to give us all the run around. Their telling us all the same lies that they have not heard from the other roommates and parents which is so far from the truth because we are communicating and share the same information that their giving us all. I recommend that parents or students use Simplebills because they are committing fraud and are liars. Only response you will here from them is “all the roommates have to agree to have service disconnected”. Their other response is that ” It’s in the contract”. Who would ever agree to continue to have money illegally drawn from their bank account after contract is up?? Something has to be done to have Simplebills stopped from committing fraud.

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