The Reserve Apartments Tyler Texas

The Reserve Apartments in Tyler, Texas “Horrible Management & Business Practices”


2851 C. R. 272
Tyler, Texas 75707

Apartment Manager: Shalise Bell

Property Management: Royal Properties – Chicago, IL

Complaint :

My son made it back to his college apartment in Tyler, TX on January 15, 2017 to prepare for the Spring semester 2017.During the Christmas holiday break the apartment personnel entered the my son’s apartment. We spoke to “Jeff” during the holiday because one of the roommates told my son that there was a note on his bedroom door. “Jeff” told us that the personnel went in the apartments while the students were gone so they can look for things wrong.

On January 23, 2017 my son received a note on his bedroom door (inside the apartment) that stated the management was going to lock him out of his room (Click for note) if he didn’t pay a $1.25 fee plus $50 for a blind that was already broken, but still hanging up. We didn’t notice before we moved in because it was hanging like nothing was wrong. “Who goes around pulling on each individual blind to see if it’s loose?”

My son walked over to the office and I held on the phone until he got to the office. My son asked them to explain the “Lock out Note.” I asked to speak to the person my son was talking to. “Shalise Bell ” and “Jeff”, told my son they didn’t want to speak to me. So, I hung up the phone with my son and called the leasing office myself. Shalise answered the phone in a rough manner (obviously awaiting my call). She was very curt and adamant about wanting the $1.25, plus $50 fee for a blind. Shalise went on to explain there were numerous notes put in my sons room from December 14th until currently. Reminder: My son, as well as the other roommates were all gone home for the holidays and did not return until January 15th/17th. We spoke with “Jeff” over the holidays (1/8/17). I explained to Jeff that my son was at home for the Winter break and he would not be returning to Tyler until the following week. Jeff said it was o.k. to pay the amount ($1.25) later. He never mentioned $50 fee. However, we tried to dispute the $1.25 fee with Jeff because that should have been considered reasonable and customary charges. It wasn’t as if the whole set of blinds were torn down on purpose.

Also, The Reserve Apartment personnel go inside the apartments often, without permission simply to leave notices inside the bedrooms.

Other incidents that have occurred at this complex:

  1. One of the roommates were home and he walked around the corner to a women who had come inside the apartment. This young man was in his underwear. (This behavior happens often — see our screenshots from other sites)
  2. This complex has a contract with a local towing company that drives around waiting and scouring to tow cars. My son’s car was towed in 2016 because he had wrecked his car and the he needed to get a sticker from the office. He put a note on the dash board with his parking number from the wrecked car to let them know not to tow the car. The first time my son went to the office they sent him away with papers to complete. Someone in the office told him they were getting to close and they didn’t have time to finish the process and he should come back the next day. Next thing we know, my son’s car was towed and he had to pay $280 to get it back. They didn’t believe my son that he wrecked his car, so they wanted proof that the car was wrecked. They wanted information from the insurance company or the a copy of the towing bill to prove the car was wrecked.
  3. In the Summertime, there are a lot of bees flying all around the parking lot. It’s very dangerous.
  4. The complex doesn’t pro-rate the rent. They won’t allow renters to move in until 20th, but they still collect the entire months rent. The next due date is less than 10 days away and you are required to pay another complete months rent.

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  1. Personnel always enter the apartments whenever they want and without notice. They are always trespassing.
  2. Another time they entered my sons room and put a note on his desk.
  3. This particular incident they entered his room and put several notes on his bed. One of the notes they put in the crack of the door.
  4. They do not offer high speed internet access — this is a lie. My son and his roommates had to rent a box from a local company that rips these kids off. Another story coming regarding this other company too.
  5. They didn’t give us the apartment building they promised in the beginning. They claim they didn’t know what they told us so get EVERYTHING in writing if you venture to rent from this con-artists.

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The staff is extremely unprofessional. They seem nice until they get the lease signed. I have never encountered a complex like this one. I was a renter in the past and I have never been charged for items that have broken in the apartment.

I advised Shalise that I was going to report this apartment complex to the BBB and she didn’t care. I’m assuming she didn’t care because the BBB is a joke. The BBB quickly turned down my case; however, if anyone reports businesses to them, the businesses rating will go down. So, report them anyway.

Have you had a bad experience with this apartment complex? Feel free to comment in the box below.

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15 thoughts on “The Reserve Apartments Tyler Texas”

    1. Hey Adam, thanks for taking time to use your voice at . We value your opinion and I’m sure other people will too. If you’ve written any letters, etc on the exact situation, please copy paste we will get the word out for you. Sometimes these businesses will come back and make amends to get their names in good standing. We hope we can assist you.

    1. Understood regarding Royal properties, but The Reserve has horrible business practices. I have lots of proof and their lack thereof is ALL over the internet. Their people skills are horrible once you’ve signed on the dotted line. Everyone can’t be wrong. See my proof. Btw: clean up that location & resolve issues & we will update accordingly .💟

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  2. This is the worst apartment complex ever to be made and ran, it’s full of idiots and money hungry individuals who don’t care about privacy or respect this whole operation was a scam to get desperate college stupid looking for a place to stay on top of it I was charged for things that did not even go down on paper or recorded in records this is a shame

    1. Hi Shawn, I’m so sorry you had to experience this horrible complex. I wish you would have seen our site before you leased. I know there are a lot of sites that don’t have accurate reviews,, but this one does. I created this site because of how they treated my son. I hope others will believe us and stay far away. Trust me, I know how you feel. We were done the same exact way. Thx for taking time to write to us.

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