Texas Wesleyan Rams Football Coach Paul Duckworth calls parent Ignorant

Fort Worth, Texas

Texas Wesleyan Rams ended the 2019 season with a winning game, but a losing spirit when it comes to parents asking questions about their football players.

TXWes is a football team that was revived 3 years ago, but not without heartache.

This season was like many season — more losses than Wins. Maybe it has something to do with the Coaches bad attitude and narcissism (Exploits others without guilt or shame).

Head Coach Prudhomme brought Associate Coach Duckworth to the school to help revive the team, but they can’t seem to revive players. In 2018 the school had 50+ players leave the team. News articles stated the players left because they couldn’t afford tuition. Well, that’s what the Football coaching staff wants everyone to believe.

Fast forward to 2019, they are having some of the exact same issues they had back in 2017, but with a larger more serious problem.

Coach Duckworth “doesn’t like to be asked any questions, says one of the football players. ”

Duckworth pulls scholarships from players with not so much as an excuse. Does he think about where this will land players? Maybe on the street to become career criminals.

Players are kicked out of the dorms and sent home with no transportation, no money, no education, and no food. Duckworth, in my opinion, is one of the most unprofessional coaches I’ve talked to in a long time.

I placed a phone call to him early one morning in regards to my son and within 3 minutes he called me ignorant two, if not three times, then he called me unprofessional because I called and asked why my son wasn’t getting play time, then he hung up in my face. He told my son he wasn’t smart enough to play football among other lies.

This coach needs to move on from football. My son told me the coach taught a lesson in practice one day and he said, “a more professional way to call someone the N -word was to call them ignorant. Well, I guess that’s what he was calling me, don’t you? There is no excuse. He had ample opportunity to call me back and apologize for his behavior, but he made the choice not to.

What Duckworth doesn’t seem to realize is that God gave parents the duty to protect their children no matter the age, and the last time I looked, it’s not a bad thing these days to follow up on college students. My son developed depression and anxiety being a member or this football program. We has to have him approved for an ESA pet

Intimidating tactics doesn’t work with me coach. Stay tuned in because everyone will know exactly how you treat the football players and their families.

I did speak with Coach Prudhomme regarding this situation and he did nothing but make up excuses for his coach. There is no excuse for Duckworth’s behavior and I’m appalled that a Texas Wesleyan has someone of this caliber representing their school.

Future football players and students beware:

If you are serious about football, you might want to reconsider this football program because they will use you until you aren’t any use to them, then you will be thrown aside to pick up the pieces of your life.

You will be called everything outside of your name like:

  • Too Fat
  • Too Skinny
  • Not smart enough
  • sorry players
  • Not flashy

and the list goes on.

Don’t say you weren’t warned

PS: I’ve talked to several people on staff and they seem to care about the student, but they don’t have a comment on the football situation.

If you had a bad experience with Texas Wesleyan Rams Football please comment below.

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