What is Simple Bills- it’s a 3rd party company that’s supposed to be used to make it easier to split electricity plans between several roommates.

However, beware of using this company for your apartment electricity bills.

Everything seems good until the end of the lease or when someone walks out on their responsibilities.

The Reserve Apartments in Tyler, Texas recommends and suggests their roommate tenants use Simple Bills (SB).

They add icing to the cake by making this sound like their service is the perfect plan.

I have to admit, SB has an easy set up program online, but here is the BIG warning:

The first person to set up their account will be the last one standing if other roommates happen to walk out on their bills.

SB has designed their program to benefit them, not you.

Once you’ve input your bank invitation into the web form, you can’t delete it without inputting another method of payment. SB will continue charging your account for each bill, whether you approve or not.

If one or any roommates are late on the monthly bill, SB will send out an e-mail notifying everyone on the account.

However, when that person doesn’t pay, everyone else remaining will be charged for the bill from the one who hasn’t paid.

SB will continue telling you “it’s in the contract that you signed.

” Their employees are very well versed at saying ,”it’s in the contract that you signed when you registered. ”

Don’t get suckered in. It seems like a good plan in the beginning; however, when a roommate goes AWAL SB will wash their hands and go after whomever is left behind.

Also, they tell lies to each of the parents. They claim to not receive notification about moveout dates; yet they have.

Moveout Info:

  1. Before you move out of your apartment, ALL roommates should sign a letter with the moveout dates and one responsible person should send it to them.

Always put important I information in writing to cover you in case any problems arise.

Sorry business practices if you ask me.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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  1. I am another unsatisfied customer that also has complaint against Simplebills electricity services. Parents or students that considers using this company for electric services I strongly recommend that you do not. Simplebills is misleading and full of fraudulent acts. My son was a resident of The Reserve Apartments in Tyler, Texas and they recommend that we use this company for electric service I guess they have a contract with them for that reason. If you sign up with Simplebills you will be making a terrible mistake. They will tell you that the bill is broken down between the four students and all will be paying an equal amount so far from the truth. If one student is late or does not make a payment the other students will be held accountable for the payment. Even when the contract is up they will still make unauthorized payments to your account. When you call to question why you are being charged after contract is up, they will tell you that it is in the contract that you signed that they are authorized to make unauthorized payments to your account. Who would sign a contract allowing any electric service to do that??….Simplebills also has a line that they use stating that they have to have each roommate to confirm that all students are no longer living and using services before they will stop the unauthorized payment from your account. Simplebills are full of scams. The only answers you will get from them is it is in the contract. My son as lease is up the contract with simplebills is up and they are still drawing money out of my account for services my son and roommates have not been in the apartment to use since May 11,2017. Myself and the other roommates parents having been dealing with their fraud and thieving acts since May and they will not stop making up lies to justify them stealing money from all of our accounts. something has to be done to stop them.

    1. Hi Tangela, thank you for taking time to voice your complaint about Simple bills. We will post and blast these bad business practices on social media in hopes for these companies to start making a change or risk losing business. We appreciate you taking time to write your experiences. It only makes a difference when we use our voice. Blessings

  2. I am another unsatistied simple bills user.
    I broke my lease with my apartment complex (student housing ) simple bills continued to charge me.
    Which doesn’t make any since because if I have been moved out for 3 months , then how is my room accumulating any electricity , their system and the way they figure out who is using what is flawed. I have been in contact with simple bills and I have been continuing to get the run around.
    My bank has even gotten use to me calling and just turns the transactions around immediately. If you or anyone you know is thinking about using simple bills DO NOT ! I repeat DO NOT !

    1. Hi Te’Laha, thank you for taking time to post your complaint. It is definitely consistent with my personal testimony, as well as other people who have been conned into using this company. Please stay on top of your bank account. They are known to charge several months after you’ve exhausted your renters contract.

  3. I agree with all of these comments ! I currently live in Greenville, Nc and my apartment uses SB and at first the payments were low so it was fine , but then my roommates and I were getting $50 payments each . First we already have a $40 allowance each and we also have a third roommate and my friends staying around in the same apartments bills are almost similar. There is no way the electricity bill alone would be so high when a person like me barely uses any. I’ve called SB and they tell me I need to talk to my apartment complex, I never added my card because from the beginning it didn’t seem good ( my apartment advertised “all inclusive “ and everything until we had to move in and they told us to download this app like it was nothing) so I haven’t been paying my bill until my apartment gives me some kind of answers!!

    1. HI Mia, thank you so much for taking time to add a comment about SB. Good for you for NOT adding your credit card. I’m not sure how that happened, unless you weren’t the first to sign up for the account. Yes, SB tells everyone to talk to the apartment complex, but we never got any answers from them. SB seems to throw their customers off on the complex; yet, it’s their company that’s messing up the electricity, etc. Also, yes, they started off fine, but then they increased as the months went by. One of the roommates moved out and then HIS bill was placed on the other 3 remaining young men. SB didn’t care. Be careful, “THE LAST MAN STANDING” will pay for anyone who doesn’t.

  4. I too have been a victimn of simplebills. I would like to know if anyone has spoken to a lawyer. I believe we do havw a lawsuit on our hands. The greater the numbers, tje greatwr effect.

    1. Hello Amanda, Thank you for commenting. My family has personally been affected by SIMPLEBILLS. We haven’t consulted a lawyer, but YES, we should pursue this as a class action. I will gather names and information. These people will continue this fraudulent activity as long as no one says anything. This is why its good to Get the Word out to warn other unsuspecting victims. Thank you again

      1. Hi guys, I spoke with a lawyer and he basically informed me that SimpleBills covered theirselves within their contract and the leases from the landlord.

        1. Hmm, TY for the post. I’m sure they dud; however, they’re still in the wrong for their shady business practices. They will high jack your bank account & continue to charge money way after your lease is up. Well, I hope this site is a warning to all who attempt to go this route. At least we are warning them.

        2. The account with simple bills ends the same day your lease expires. My complex even states that if you move out early, you will still be charged utilities. This is not true. Simple bills only charged me and not my roommate who was there during the billing cycle and just moved out. Everyone had to put in bank information so why dont they do what their terms of service says and charge these people. No instead im paying for an entire month even tho I had someone else living there. Simplebills is only using parts of their terms not all of them.

  5. Why is it that I’m being charged for the full amount of electricity when another person has lived there and their account doesnt end until the billing cycle is over. Why are they not charging these people’s account when it days they would in their terms and services. Im being charged wrongly. I really think there should be a class action lawsuit against this company. Its not right that they put the bill on people left even though the other roommates were still there.

    1. You are right Amanda, but what my son’s roommates did was to put in false account information just to set up the account. Sp, when simple bill goew in to withdraw funds, they can’t. Your roommates may have done the same thing. I was honest & didn’t think of putting the wrong account info. That’s the only thing I can think of as to why all charges fall back on :the last man standing “

  6. I wonder how much an ad in the paper would cost? I already responded to a facebook post the local news media had on the company warning people. Whats worse is the company was established by 2 baylor students in Waco, Tx where I just so happen to live. If there is no legal action that can be done, maybe at least we can express our concerns about the company.

    1. Hi Amanda, I totally agree. They are not forthcoming and neither is The Reserve. Wow, really Baylor Grads. Hmm, guess they were smart to find a way to rip off unsuspecting students & their parents. Just disgusting. Unfortunately, if we took out an ad, their lawyers could come after use for slander. Right now, we are voicing our opinion and exercising our right to free speech and free press. We are all telling the same truth. No one from the company has ever contacted us to make a rebuttal, so they know they are guilty. Keep spreading the word. We will too. If they lose just 1 or 2 customers from reading our complaint, I’ll be happy. ❤

  7. Unethical business practice. Continued charging me after my lease is over.I dont understood how why I have been paying for the last 3 month,though I ve been overseas!!

    1. Hi Bill, thank you for commenting. As you can see, this is a common business practice for Simple Bills. We are here to warn people before getting involved with this company. Ty for your input and we are super sorry you had to go thru this turmoil, especially when you are oversees. Ugh 😭

    1. Hi Jose, I’m so sorry you didn’t find our site earlier. Yes, the apartment complex we used required us to use Simple Bills too. I’m so mad these apartment complexes continue to refer people to this company. Which apartment complex?

  8. This shady company requires a credit card be on file. Then charges over $4.00 per month for the card to be on file. URSA in Waco (all utilities included) suddenly decided to use Simple Bills. Now this company sends a bill for at least $4.00 every single month with an overage ever since they came onboard.

    1. Hey, Brianna thx for taking time to post. Your post is consistent with other complaints. I dont know why apartments continue using Simple Bills. One day someone will bring a class action lawsuit against their shadiness

  9. These guys should be shut down. Apart from all of the negative comments listed above, their monthly charge, assuming everything works out perfectly, for their “service” typically turns out to be 20% – 25% of the billed amount. This is an insane amount when you think that credit card companies only charge the merchant 2% – 3%. They operate more like a payday lender and just gouge college students who frankly shouldn’t be subjected to this.

    1. Hey Marco, sorry you didn’t find our site first. Yes, they truly prey on unsuspected college students. The apartment complexes that refer them are to blame as well. Pass it on. It seems they dont care one bit because they continue ripping people off.

  10. I will add on to the pain. My college student lived in a 4 bedroom apartment and the bills came each month and didn’t seem unreasonable to me. However, 2 of the students did NOT live there over summer break (we were still paying rent) and the bill more than doubled.

    I asked customer service for a breakdown of the bill, explaining the situation and they answered with “We unfortunately do not have a break down of the usage because it is an estimation based on your last 90 days of usage, but what we are able to do is, once you have settled your balance we have what we call a true-up form available”• This True-Up cannot be issued until we have received all of the utility bills for the period of time that has been estimated. This may take up to 8 to 12 weeks after you move out. After SimpleBills has received all of the actual utility bills we will issue the True-Up refund to you, along with your actual bills.
    • You must fill this form out within 14 days of your lease end date or you will not be eligible for reconciliation.
    • Your invoice must be settled with SimpleBills prior to requesting a True-Up.
    • All True-Up invoices generate a service fee.

    And we missed the true up form date by 2 days, so now we paid double, have no recourse. I asked how I would get a copy of the actual bill anyway, they told me I need to reach out to the apartment complex. Ridiculous. If you can avoid this company, you should.

    1. Absolutely. !!! These are ALL true statements. I wish I would have listened to ALL the horrible reviews. People take heed and listen or you’ll be posting one of these stories too.. ty for taking time to post.

  11. Horrible service and their customer support sucks. Overcharging! Stay away!

    I had month to month rent and we were FORCED to use this service to pay bills, as this was only option from landlord.

    They set up their cycles in some strange way, so final month i got 2 bills: for partial month and for last 3 days seperate each came LATE and each HAD Simple Bills CHARGE for “storing card on file” (which was by the way lost for few weeks).

    My last bill for last 3 days came very late and net electrical charges were only 3.5 USD, but Simple Bills still kept on charging me 7.5 USD for saving my card.

    Basically, stupid game to charge tenants twice. Bad service, when I tried to report this and complained – got response we dont care you have to pay full bill.


    1. Good Morning, sorry you had to experience this horrible company. I had the exact same experience and so does a lot of other people. They are so rude and need to be out of business. This is why I created this blog. Please beware of this company & their horrible practices.

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