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This company has taken money from numerous unsuspecting people. They claim to be based out of Houston, Texas, but when the news media followed up on their address, it was a local school’s address and not a business.

People have been ordering items on their website just to receive an automatic email that stated they were out of the items. This has happened numerous times.

Here is a link to the story : Fox26News Houston – Damali Keith

This website was just registered as of November 2019, but the BBB has received a lot of complaints and people are really lucky they investigated this company.

Please be sure to do your research before buying items online at any retailer.

Here is a screenshot that we pulled up on this website. Unfortunately, they probably took it down because they figured people were on their coat tail.

Don’t place orders if this site should come up again

Please protect yourself every day and during the holiday season. Use a credit card for your online purchases and NOT your bank card. Charges are easier to deny if you use a credit card as opposed to your bank card.

Stay safe. Think first before buying.

If you’ve been duped by this company or any other company, please comment below and let us know.

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