Kroger Marketplace ” Bakery unprofessional business practices and customer service issues”


6315 Garth Rd
Baytown, Texas 77521

Department: Bakery

Complaint :

I’m always having issues with this Kroger bakery department. I ordered a birthday cake for my daughter ‘s birthday. I specifically made it clear that i was reluctant to order because last time they lost my order & my husbands order too. The young man assured me the order would be made. Picked up the order; however, we cut the cake 2 days later due to our busy schedule. They made a marble cake instead of a chocolate. I called the store & notified “Margaret” she was very rude & curt at the very beginning. She made the statement that I ordered the cake for 12/16, but I’m just calling on 12/18. This was not her place to decide when I was supposed to serve the cake. “Margaret” then said she can remake the cake. I sent my son to return the remaining cake & pick up the new one. My son returned home; to my demise, the replacement cake was smashed on the top because the box was too small.

How could Kroger send a cake out the door like that?

I called to voice my thankfulness for the replacement; however, I was very disappointed for the way the new cake looked. “MARGARET” began to argue with me. She denied the cake was smashed. She accused my son of smashing the cake. I went on to ask her why was she arguing with me. I’m a paying customer. “MARGARET ” also told me “you brought a half eaten cake,back to me & you expected a new cake.” This cake was for my child’s birthday. Did she really expect us to NOT serve & cut the cake because Kroger messed up. We had guests to serve. How dare she sound so ignorant. She said, “what do you want me to do?” I exclaimed, “for starters, apologize for your attitude” she said, “absolutely not, I will not apologize “I asked her to let me speak with her superior.

BTW: “Margaret ” is a manager in the bakery department. Margaret put me on hold (without asking), then hung up on me. I called the store & eventually spoke to a manager. “MIKE” I explained the situation and guess what? ” Margaret had already ran to tell her side of the story first (which I’m sure was a lie) I’m appalled that Kroger appointed someone this unprofessional to a management position. Mr. Mike was very attentive & apologetic. He offered a refund for the cake. I’m attaching videos & pix. This lady “Margaret” needs to find another job where she doesn’t have to deal with people. This is unacceptable Kroger.

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