Insurance companies and rental cars

Auto Insurance is a requirement of every vehicle owner in ALL states. I’m pretty sure this is a fact.

While watching T.V. or listening to the radio station, not a moments goes by without hearing or seeing a commercial for automobile insurance.

There are so many companies to choose from, its simply too difficult to choose.

Nevertheless, we choose one of them to give our hard earned money to each and every month.

In some states, you will get ticketed and towed if you don’t carry the minimum liability insurance. Unfortunately, most people abide by the law and as always, some do not.

The good law abiding citizens end up paying for the fluff offs who won’t purchase what they need and are required.

So you may be asking, what makes me post something you probably already know.

Well, this week I found out something that bothered me a bit about insurance companies.

If your automobile is involved in an accident and it’s totaled, insurance companies are only required to give you 3 days worth of a rental car service from the date they tell you it is a total loss.

This is popostrious !!!

Why in the world would I have to pay every month for rental car insurance and then when something unfortunate happens, I have 3 days to find something else or pay for the car myself.

OK, I’m calling out Progressive insurance on this one.

Yes, I’m very upset. Yes, I hear most companies do this as well. It’s a RIP off and there is no excuse for it. Would paying 1 week be too much to ask?

I’m not a happy camper so, you ‘PROGRESSIVE’ need to change this policy. It makes no sense and I’m not here for it.

Anyone else go through this same headache situation. If so, let’s hear which companies do this and which ones do not.


Not a happy Progressive customer

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