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On Saturday, October 7, 2017, I took my daughter to get her nails done, so I decided to have my eyebrows waxed. This ended up being a super huge mistake. A nail technician named “Kim” escorted me to a back room & said, “lay on the table.” So, I did. I asked her to not take too much off. She said, “Ok ” then proceeded. The first amount if was she placed on my brows was extremely hot. I cringed and
said, “owe, that’s too hit.” She said, “too hot, oh sorry ” then she waited a few seconds before putting it on again, on the same brow. She then moved to the next brow. I cringed again and said, “owe that’s hot too. ” she didn’t respond. It really hurt when she ripped the wax off.
It seemed as she cleaned them up with something other than tweezers. I was still in pain from the hot wax. Kim rubbed something (she didn’t tell me what she was doing at any time. No questions asked or offered) on my brows & forehead area. She handed me the mirror & all looked fine. I thanked her & went out to sit with my daughter. I immediately noticed red bumps & irritation. No big deal at this point
because that’s normal. However, as the days went by I noticed more redness, swelling & irritation. My eye lids were getting puffy & my forehead bumpy. I have lots of photos and videos to prove my case against them. I start putting hydrocortisone ointment so it can get better, but it didn’t. On Wednesday 10/11, I decided to make a doctor’s appointment because this issue began to get more serious. I also
decided to stop by the nail salon to show them my face. I asked to speak to someone. Oh boy, this is going to be a language barrier. No pun intended. So, a young man named “Lou” Came over. I took my sunglasses off & began to explain what was going on. He immediately started telling me, “no one else complain, not our fault, must be you. ” Ok. At this point, I’m appalled at the lack of concern. I
told him, “look at me, I wasn’t like this when I came here. He never apologized. He was adamant about claiming their innocence. He told me “nothing wrong with wax & we use Vaseline on forehead.” I explained, “there must be something else you used on me.” He said “no,
must be you, not us ” Ok, this is going nowhere. I then told him, ” you’re simply going to keep telling me it’s not your fault when I didn’t look this way when I came here & your not going to offer a refund or anything, no sorry either, huh?” He then said, ” its only $7″ wow, really? I told him I wanted him to put his name on their business card. I’m very upset with how he handled this situation. He finally said, I’m sorry this happened to you, come tomorrow to talk to Kim.” Then he gave me $7, not including my $3 tip I gave Kim on Saturday.  Whatever, you guys are pathetic. I also explained that I felt as if my eye were closing on me.” He simply looked pitiful at this point. I went to my doctor on Thursday, 10/12/17. He was shocked to see what I looked like. My eye was swollen shut. He said the salon did something & I had a bad allergic reaction. It may have been the wax or what they put on my face afterward. The doctor gave me an
injection for the reaction as well as prednisone for the next 7 days. My hubby had to take off from work to drive me around & take or daughter to school. I couldn’t see because one eye was closed. So, I’m wearing shades & staying indoors for the next 7+ days. I have a credit card statement charge to provide that I was at that salon as well as a lot of photos and videos. I’m really upset and scared about what happened to me at this salon and I do appreciate a detailed investigation and some type of compensation for having this happen as well as missing opportunities of employment.

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