Community Resource Credit Union


Garth Rd. Baytown, Texas

When: April 5, 2018


I went to CRCU on my lunch break. I only had 30 minutes for lunch.

I stood in line behind three people. Next, I went to the teller and asked her for $80 worth of change ($40 1’s & $40 in 5’s) for an upcoming business event.

The teller asked me if I had an account at CRCU and I told her no, I didn’t but my son did.

Next, she asked another teller. The teller came back and told me that she could only give me $25 worth of change.

I’ve been to other Banks or credit unions and I didn’t have any problems getting change simply because I didn’t have an account there.

I thought this denial was a little bit ridiculous.

I went to my car, thought for a moment, then I went back in to speak to the assistant manager.

Side note: The assistant manager and my son clicked and she was really helpful to him.

I explained the situation and she said she would give me the change.

Wake up #CRCU. It’s not going to hurt you to give $80 in change. In my opinion, you should provide good customer service to members and non-members

Who knows, I could be a millionaire & have contemplated opening an account with your CU, but now you have an unsatisfied person who will tell one person, who will tell another person, who will tell another person, and so and so on.

To top it off, I was late getting back to my classroom. The students were all standing outside the door. Not to mention, someone reported me for having the students waiting outside. I had plenty time to conduct my business, but a small situation turned into a big one.

Thank you to the assistant manager for helping me out. I truly appreciate you.

If banks/credit unions exercise their right to refuse services, I can exercise my right to put them on blast.

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