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Texas Wesleyan Rams Football Coach Paul Duckworth calls parent Ignorant

Fort Worth, Texas Texas Wesleyan Rams ended the 2019 season with a winning game, but a losing spirit when it comes to parents asking questions about their football players. TXWes is a football team that was revived 3 years ago, but not without heartache. This season was like many seasons — more losses than Wins. […]

Beware of Brand hijacking sites

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes Scam ALERT 2020 Yes, there’s always scum of the earth lurking around to prey on unsuspecting people who are in the middle of a crises or otherwise. Today, I have read many stories about people, like myself who got scammed. Me, NO ! I’m the one who warns people about being scammed. […]

Price Gouging during Coronovirus Outbreak

The Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans. COVID-19. All throughout the U.S. People are panicking and huge chain stores are starting to price gouge. This is a disgrace and I’m appalled at the stores that are taking advantage of a bad situation. If you know of […]

Online Shopping |

This company has taken money from numerous unsuspecting people. They claim to be based out of Houston, Texas, but when the news media followed up on their address, it was a local school’s address and not a business. People have been ordering items on their website just to receive an automatic email that stated they […]