Beware of Brand hijacking sites

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes Scam ALERT 2020

Yes, there’s always scum of the earth lurking around to prey on unsuspecting people who are in the middle of a crises or otherwise.

Today, I have read many stories about people, like myself who got scammed.

Me, NO ! I’m the one who warns people about being scammed. Never say never because that day may be coming all too soon.

I never say never, but I’m the one who always preach to the choir.

I was so excited to find this offer. Never did I think this was a scam.

I thought, just like many other people, that Clorox was offering their products via an online website because the stores couldn’t keep the shelves stocked.

Note: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

No one likes to tell a story of being scammed, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

Bad things happen in the form of learning lessons_ to help other people. Just consider this my “PAY IT FORWARD” moment.

Here is how the story started. I’ll fast forward because everyone knows about the pandemic and how it is close to impossible to get your hands on sanitizing wipes.

It would be great if people purchased these all along and didn’t decide to start being extra clean until we are in a state of emergency.

Anyway, I conducted a Google search online and I found this website at adcloroxdotcom. I was elated that I found such a spectacular price and that I actually found some scarce disinfectant product.

Screenshot of brandjacking website — not affiliated w/ Clorox

The site has been take down as of today, but I’m typing it this anyway so no one will accidentally click on it and the site comes back up mistakenly in the wee hours at night. I’m trying to steer you all away , not towards the fake page.

The site looked extremely legitimate. However, I didn’t think of checking for the “https” part of the url. Now, I know better than that. Nevertheless, thats not 100% scam proof in itself.

Here are some links to other people that got scammed. You can read their stories too:

Yes, even a count down clock
Notice: it has a pad lock 🔐 which is for secure sites

The site offered FREE DHL shipping for any orders over $60.

The odd was as soon as I used my PayPal account to purchase the items there was a persons name that popped up really fast and quickly disappeared. It seems that everyone had a different name that was used with all of their orders. The name that popped up for me was Latoya Morris. I’m sure it’s a fake person, but I’ll put the name out there anyway.

I caught the hint of a scam pretty fast. Something just didn’t settle right in my spirit.

I logged into my PayPal account and I noticed their was an immediate tracking number listed. However, my order was placed on 7/6/2020, but the shipping info stated the order has already been delivered on 7/3/2020.

How could the order have been delivered before the order was placed?

I may have gotten scammed, but they were sloppy sloppy with their scam. Too many things didn’t add up.


In my opinion, paypal is partially to blame. They know this scam has been going on and they’ve done nothing to shut this operation down. When I filed a complaint with them, they just told me to contact the seller and try to work it out with them. If I didn’t hear back then the claim needed to be escalated within 30 days or the claim would be closed. Why should I even go through this drama when paypal knows this has been occurring to numerous other people.

I’ve sent phishing emails to paypal and to this day I’m still receiving phishing emails. Also, paypal consistently wants a copy of my drivers license, etc. Yet, they have Crooks set up an account with them all day long. I’m so not happy with PayPal right now.

Giving up on PayPal

I decided to give up on the waiting game with paypal, because at this point, they know exactly what’s going on. I decided to contact my bank and dispute the charge through my credit card processing. I was able to speak to a live person within less than 1 minute. The dispute process was up and running within minutes. I, like many other people have been taken by these idiots, but my money will be coming back to me.

Word to the Wise

  • Always screenshot the front page of a website
  • Screenshot your order or print a copy.
  • Screenshot as much as you can, just in case something turns ugly
  • If it seems to good to be true – IT PROBABLY IS !
  • Don’t buy from sites you don’t trust. Use your gut instinct
  • If you aren’t sure, ask a trusted friend before purchasing
  • Look for a SSL certificate of authenticity
  • Look for sites that have a padlock in the address bar (CAVEAT: This may not be a 100% safeguard)


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