3 step complaint process 

​If you are living and breathing,  you probably encountered a situation which warranted making a complaint.  

Here are three (3) suggested methods of handling your complaint: 

1.  Ask to speak with a Manager

Managers have more authority to assist you in resolving your complaint.  If you feel you were poorly served — whether in a store, restaurant or hotel, or over the phone with customer service — ask to speak to a manager.  Be sure to get the name of the persons you speak with. 
Try to remain calm, explain the situation (briefly) and have an idea of how you’d like it to be resolved. 

Most of the time, managers will handle the complaint and you shouldn’t have to take it any further. 

2. Facebook or Tweet Your Frustrations 
Twitter & Facebook can be a vial weapon against poor customer service.  Social Media isn’t fool-proof, but it’s worth a try. 

Consumer Reports says, “Companies monitor sites to see what is being said about them.” Your tweet/post could incite a remedy — especially if you have a lot of followers.  

Keep your complaint to the point, and be sure to incorporate the merchant’s Twitter or ID handle.  For example: “Awful service today @thereservetyler Losing a loyal renter.”  This may catch the attention the PR department. It’s the PR’s job to ensure customers are taken care of.

3. Write a review, post, or letter

If the previous two methods have not helped, your next step is to draft your complaint in writing.  Most companies will take  seriously when you’ve taken the time to write out your complaint.

Now let everyone know what happened.  Once you have your letter, simply go to the following two sites and copy/paste to ” get the word out:

You can go to the company website and paste your letter and submit your complaint online. 

Don’t walk away in silence.  Trust me, others have the same complaint as you.  If everyone walks away– the problem never gets resolved.

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