2 BIG companies accepting money for ratings

As the old familiar song goes “You work hard for the money, so hard for the money.” It may be an oldie, but it still holds true today.

While we all work hard, we don’t have time to lose any money on shady outfits.

Consumers deserves to be treated with the utmost respect.

We’ve been conducting research on the best information and companies that will help our clients to shop safe.

Unfortunately, we have found some companies started out to be consumer based, but turned the opposite direction and now they are playing both sides of the coin.

Two Companies that are not consumer driven:

  1. BBB – (per National News story)
  2. Angie’s List (per Money Adviser reveals that 70% of their revenue comes from ads purchased by the companies being rated) 

It’s not right for companies to pay for play at the consumers dime. I get that everyone wants to make money, but where is the loyalty? Whatever happened to good old customer service? 


If you find this information to be false, please comment below and prove us wrong.  We will glady put out a correction. 

We want to play fair, but we are here for the consumer, not to make money off the consumer. 

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